Company Culture

Hunan Vipro Technologies Co., Ltd is a technology enterprise owned by Vipro Industrial Limited (HK). Located in Changsha High-tech zone (Hunan),  Vipro organized a professional souring team and started his export business in the early of 2015, and developed his business all over the world now.

After decades of experienced sourcing members in Measuring instruments and Machinery, Vipro will give continuous services to his customer and clients same as before, and also will try his best to source and recommend the new products which are "MADE IN CHINA"

Quality:  Criteria of Vipro, High quality is our obligation!

Service:  Commitment of Vipro, Great service is our Mission!

While sourcing from China, Vipro will definitely design the new products to his clients in the mean time

Welcome domestic suppliers, importers or distributors all over the world

For a Win-Win market, Vipro is your best choice!

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